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3 Room HDB Flats

The new subject of obsession for mainly newly-wed couples, 3 room HDB flats have seen a meteoric rise in demand recently. The compact sizes of the flats allow for a higher budget for our clients, to turn these 2 bedroom units into their mini heaven and enjoy the bliss of marriage.

Unique themes can be easily created to match the requests of clients, with the advice of our professional designers.
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4 Room HDB Flats

A popular choice amongst young couples who are expecting a little addition to their lives. Its size is comparable to a condominium and perfect for a newly expanded small family.

The designs catered for such units centre around a more family feel, while keeping the zesty touch of freshness and style by our designers.
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Entering the front doors of these studio or service apartments will expose one to artistic and innovative design themes, reflecting the uniqueness and personality of each successful individual.

De Exclusive is able to transform your home into a haven of warmth and taste, providing you with a once in a life time experience.
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A luxury home to reflect the distinct and delicate taste of the owner. The design of the interior not only provides one with a homely feel but also with a sense of taste and elegance.

A home of comfort and pride is what we will deliver and bring to your doorstep.
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