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Live and love – this showstopping luxury Mansionette apartment features open space, walk-in wardrobe and bathtub. Visualised and designed by our ID team, this apartment exudes sophistication, and it’ll evoke vibes of luxury and great taste!

By adding greenery in the foyer, it adds a touch of nature and creates a more inviting atmosphere. Having an open-floor concept showcases how spacious this home can be – featuring an emphasis on the overall functional space of the ground floor. The solid wood fluted panels visually bring depth to the design, and cohesively brings the space together. A play of different materials and textures creates visual impact and interest. Such an example would be the kitchen backsplash where you’ll spot a charming Moroccan mermaid tile design that complements the overall design scheme. Efficient storage solutions are customised and integrated into the home to keep clutter out of sight.

Head upstairs, and notice how the decor extends through the rest of the house. In the Master bedroom, you’ll find a refined arrangement of a stylish feature wall design combined with ambient lighting. The walk-in wardrobe uses glass doors to give an illusion of space and openness. The use of glass is applied to the bathroom and bedroom, giving it airiness to the cosy space. The bathroom is an excellent place to unwind and relax – with the luxurious bathtub perfect for bubble baths.

With cosy ambient light, classy accents and the right space planning, you too can have a dream home like this. Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries on renovation/interior design solutions.