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Jap Zen look

Jap Zen look

In love with Japanese culture and aesthetics? We designed this stunning home to reflect the widely popular idea of Zen – a peaceful, unpretentious way of life.

In this minimalist interior, we placed great importance in opening up the space to allow organic flow in the home’s interior. For the living room, we added the iconic element of Japanese interiors, the Shoji (also known as a sliding screen) inspired wall panel. It provides a separation of space between the entrance to the living room while allowing energy to flow through.

To truly make this interior feel like a traditional Japanese home, our ID team designed it to incorporate mostly wood as it is a primary material in Japanese homes. The hidden sliding door provides privacy when needed and allows a flow between interior spaces when open.

Notice the low to ground furniture? Most Japanese interiors include movable floor cushions that forgo actual chairs and sofas. For the living room tatami flooring has been laid to give the space a calming and relaxing ambience. In the bedroom, tatami mattress mimics the same comfortable look.

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