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Luxe Pink Marble Modern Interior

Luxe Pink Marble Modern Interior

If you have a penchant for pink and monochrome, this interior would be for you. Designed and visualised by our ID team for our project at Upper Serangoon View, this luxe layout showcases a stylish pink and marble living room, a walk-in wardrobe, a stunning pink children’s room and a master bedroom.

Take a home tour with us and view the stunning design with a crisp monochrome aesthetic. The TV feature wall in the living room is accentuated with pink slatted panels, which brings a delicate warmth to the grey, white and gold colour scheme.

Moving on into the children’s bedroom, we find a customised designed pink castle-themed bed. A dream come true for many girls who love a princess themed bedroom. In one of the bedrooms, you can also find an excellent inspiration to add personality to the interior. Patterned Vinyl on cupboards adds character and fun vibes to the space.

In the master bedroom, the marble texture with padded 3D wall adds to the luxurious look and feel of the home’s interior. Side mini chandelier lights complement the warmth of the decor palette.