Ms Rathiga

I began searching for IDs in June 2014 after the purchase of my new flat was confirmed and I realised that I would require major renovation works. My initial plan was to visit several design companies and get quotations from them but after 2 months of discussions and appointments at various places, I still didn't feel comfortable about signing up with any company. Some quotations were way beyond my budget while at other points, the IDs just seemed to be more interested in their own vision and design than mine.

Finally, in September, a colleague and Friend who had just renovated his home passed me William's number and I called him to set up an appointment. My first encounter with William from De Exclusive took the form of an informal chat. Walking into the office which doubled up as a show flat, I was already intrigued by several design features that aligned with what I wanted for my house. The
subtle colour schemes, use of space and the clean lines immediately caught my eye and I felt that this would be a promising appointment. My conversation with William further confirmed this opinion. Unlike some other IDs, he did not have a superior attitude or give you the sense that he knew more than you did. Instead, he listened very carefully and patiently to everything I had to say, even when my
ideas sounded a bit confused and unreal, and took down notes. He was also friendly and warm, making me feel comfortable enough to share my vision and ask questions. When he felt that my ideas wouldn't work, he explained why clearly until I understood the situation and then made suggestions of his own which demonstrated his experience, competence and skill. I left the office that day more hopeful than ever that this would turn out well.

After that first visit, things moved very quickly and although I gave no confirmation or indication that I would engage him, William followed up with a visit to my flat to see the layout. Once he had gotten a sense of the space, he called me back a week later with a 3D drawing. Once I saw the drawing, I was hooked - it was everything that I wanted and more and it was the first time in
many many visits to various other ID companies that I felt as if my dream and vision could actually become a reality. The quotation was also reasonable and although it was slightly above my budget, I felt that paying a little more was worth it since William inspired a trust and confidence that he would get the job done according to my satisfaction and I was not wrong.

William and his team began work on my flat in early November and it was a massive undertaking which involved recontextualising the layout and space, as well as, completely redoing the tiling and cabinets etc. Despite the scale of the work, the process was amazingly smooth. The team was efficient and reliable and minor issues were dealt with promptly and pleasantly and the after sales service was also excellent as William was more than wiling to return to do minor works whenever I called him. What I really appreciated was also the way that William was able to not only stay true to my ideas and vision but also enhance it with his own ideas, experience and expertise.

Two years down the road, I have absolutely no regrets engaging William from De Exclusive as my ID and I also have no reservations recommending him to my friends and family. In fact, many of them who come to visit immediately ask for his number and I have had nothing but positive compliments about my home from everyone who visits. Most important is my own sense of satisfaction - to me, a home should be a sanctuary, a place that immediately evokes warmth, comfort, peace and belonging and with William's help, I feel that I have really managed to achieve that. Thank you so much William and De Exclusive!!