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William's portfolio attracted myself and my wife initially. We loved
the concept and his principle of design.

While he has applied his core concept in design, he has also took in
our needs and requirement. Throughout the process, he has never
stopped to engage every member in the family, including my three
children, to understand their needs.

The result: A setup that is unique to us, aesthetically of high high
quality and yet very functional and practical. The family, visitors
and neighhours all loved it.

The workmanship and finishing is of high quality. We moved into a
comfortable home. Overall, a very pleasing experience through a very
high quality design experience and professional implementation.
by Mr Yee Kin Kok   |   13-Sep-2016
I began searching for IDs in June 2014 after the purchase of my new flat was
confirmed and I realised that I would require major renovation works. My initial
plan was to visit several design companies and get quotations from them but after
2 months of discussions and appointments at various places, I still didn't feel
comfortable about signing up with any company. Some quotations were way beyond my
budget while at other points, the IDs just seemed to be more interested in their
own vision and design than mine.

Finally, in September, a colleague and Friend who had just renovated his home
passed me William's number and I called him to set up an appointment. My first
encounter with William from De Exclusive took the form of an informal chat.
Walking into the office which doubled up as a show flat, I was already intrigued
by several design features that aligned with what I wanted for my house. The
subtle colour schemes, use of space and the clean lines immediately caught my eye
and I felt that this would be a promising appointment. My conversation with
William further confirmed this opinion. Unlike some other IDs, he did not have a
superior attitude or give you the sense that he knew more than you did. Instead,
he listened very carefully and patiently to everything I had to say, even when my
ideas sounded a bit confused and unreal, and took down notes. He was also friendly
and warm, making me feel comfortable enough to share my vision and ask questions.
When he felt that my ideas wouldn't work, he explained why clearly until I
understood the situation and then made suggestions of his own which demonstrated
his experience, competence and skill. I left the office that day more hopeful than
ever that this would turn out well.

After that first visit, things moved very quickly and although I gave no
confirmation or indication that I would engage him, William followed up with a
visit to my flat to see the layout. Once he had gotten a sense of the space, he
called me back a week later with a 3D drawing. Once I saw the drawing, I was
hooked - it was everything that I wanted and more and it was the first time in
many many visits to various other ID companies that I felt as if my dream and
vision could actually become a reality. The quotation was also reasonable and
although it was slightly above my budget, I felt that paying a little more was
worth it since William inspired a trust and confidence that he would get the job
done according to my satisfaction and I was not wrong.

William and his team began work on my flat in early November and it was a massive
undertaking which involved recontextualising the layout and space, as well as,
completely redoing the tiling and cabinets etc. Despite the scale of the work, the
process was amazingly smooth. The team was efficient and reliable and minor issues
were dealt with promptly and pleasantly and the after sales service was also
excellent as William was more than wiling to return to do minor works whenever I
called him. What I really appreciated was also the way that William was able to
not only stay true to my ideas and vision but also enhance it with his own ideas,
experience and expertise.

Two years down the road, I have absolutely no regrets engaging William from De
Exclusive as my ID and I also have no reservations recommending him to my friends
and family. In fact, many of them who come to visit immediately ask for his number
and I have had nothing but positive compliments about my home from everyone who
visits. Most important is my own sense of satisfaction - to me, a home should be a
sanctuary, a place that immediately evokes warmth, comfort, peace and belonging
and with William's help, I feel that I have really managed to achieve that. Thank
you so much William and De Exclusive!!
by Ms Rathiga   |   02-Sep-2016
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to De Exclusive Interior Design Team especially Mr. William and Ms. Joey for help us tremendously in creating our dream home. De Exclusive Interior Design Team performed professionally and on schedule completed the design for our fast track renovation. The whole renovation went rather smoothly despite ended up with minor hiccups then we had have anticipated. Even though some hiccups did happen, William and his team were able to rectify and minimized the damage. We appreciated the fact that they were able to respond quickly to our problems and got it rectified. William and Joey also constantly kept us in the loop with regards to the progress of the renovation as we weren't there to oversee it on a daily basis. William listen to our needs and give his feedback to further improve our ideas. The contracts that were drawn up for us were well detailed and the cost was clearly without hidden cost. Even after renovation and handed back the house to us, he told us do feel free to contact him if there's anything wrong so he can make the necessary arrangement to come down and check. We happily love the design of our master room, toilet and kitchen. They are so nice, warm and unique! His confident suggestion had given us a great help especially in choosing the paint color and layout. The outcome turned out beautifully. Overall, we are very pleased with the work. We have a beautiful home with comfortable, warm design and enough storage for everyone. Our kids are very thrilled with their rooms, especially with their study table. We highly vouch for their competence and professionalism. We would recommend De Exclusive service and will not hesitate to engage them again in the future.

Thanks and best regards,

Loggins & Sharon
by Loggins & Sharon   |   26-Aug-2016
Friends recommended William from De Exclusive and we hired him after comparing his consultation with that of the other IDs we visited. One extremely important criterion in finding a good ID is that he/she must be willing to listen. William listened very carefully to ensure he understood our needs and preferences. The other important criterion for us was workmanship. Part of the reason we were convinced by our friends' recommendation is the workmanship we can see in their houses. William and his team did not disappoint us. Furthermore, unlike the many horror stories I hear from my neighbours, William and his team were prompt in their work and there were no unnecessary delays. He was also understanding and tries to accommodate to our schedule where possible whenever site visits were needed. We strongly recommend William to anyone who is looking for a reliable and experienced ID!
by Dawn   |   08-May-2016
We got to know them through a lifestyle magazine. William called a few days later to arrange for our first meeting. He does not come across as hard sell but sincere and truly listens to your input. He understood what we wanted immediately, and excellent space planning. Even after the project was completed, he would still follow up with us.
by Elaine Chew   |   08-Jul-2013
Through Blum's Facebook notification, we learnt of a promotion with De Exclusive Interior Group Pte Ltd and subsequently engaged the company to complete our renovation, which had earlier been mismanaged by another contractor. The designer assigned to us, Mr Thananusakdi Suphaksorn (Sunny), was fully aware of what we had gone through, and was sensitive to our concerns from the start; within 2 months, the project was completed on time and within our budget.

As soon as we had agreed on the design concept, work commenced, during which we came to appreciate Sunny's professionalism and attention to detail. In terms of design, he was able to factor in our existing furniture while considering our kitchen, with striking results. For the Master Bedroom, our brief for Sunny was to find a way to accommodate the bed and the wardrobe unit, in such a way that the bed does not face the doorway. Sunny's solution was to build a mini walk-in wardrobe along the breadth of the room; a partition wall was built to separate the sleeping area from the wardrobe area, with access via a sliding door.

We also appreciate Sunny's responsibility in providing constant, stringent supervision of the project, while helping us see to other small but important details, such as teaching us how to take out the drawers fitted with Blum’s soft-closing mechanisms, re-fitting and drilling of miscellaneous items, and giving suggestions regarding suitable bar-stools.

In terms of the workmanship, we are very impressed by the professional attitude and quality of work given by the highly experienced and skilled craftsmen. The craftsmen included the tiler, partition-builders, carpenters, plumber, electricians, makers of doors and mirrors, the worker who varnished the door, painters and cleaners, all of whom generally arrived promptly and were polite, meticulous and thorough.

If anything, the one key lesson we learnt from our experience is the importance of an ID who is sensitive to his client's needs, and is able to build a good relationship with both his clients and his team. Many thanks to the pleasant ‘Sunny-De Exclusive Experience’ which helped to make our dream come true! Highly recommended! :)
by Tan Howard   |   28-Jun-2013