Ee siong & Tiffany

Dear De Exclusive,

We would like to commend on the professionalism and commitment of William Lee for guiding us every step of the way from a paper floor layout to realizing our dream home.

The thought of overhauling a whole house(literally) is quite daunting especially for a new home owner like me.Worried about every phases of the renovation and the dependency it comes with it,I frequently contact William and asked him "How?" or "Can?" and William would always reply me with "Don't worry Mr.Lim. Small issue"True to his words,he acted on my queries and it was addressed in almost no time.Slowly my worries on the renovation was cured with William's patience,sincerity and proactive updates.

Some of the special request were seemingly impossible but William made the task looked so simple and fulfilled it.Half way through the renovation,I was almost as confident and as relaxed that my house would be in good hands under William's supervision.I would also like to commend on William's teammate,Adrian,on his unwavering ground checks and follow ups with relevant supplier/contractor when he spotted something amiss.Adrian would also give me constant on the ground updates and work within my available schedule.

My house has been recently handed over but William still make sure that the touched up and rectification work are done which was outstanding.

I am very pleased with the work done by William and team and would definitely recommend him for any possible opportunities.

Thank you and keep up the good work!