Johntim Chia

De Exclusive Interior Group Pte Ltd was a fantastic ID company with the team such as William and Alvin. Out of 6 IDs companies we have chosen De Exclusive Interior Group Pte Ltd as our preferable ID as they have shown their commitment upon meeting us on the 1st visit. They provide us the 3D viewing without even sign any agreement. They are as responsible as providing us the excellent services in the agreement (written or even not written).

The experience with them was amazing, my wife and I have struggled with the design in our master bedroom and William's consultation was just what we needed. He tactfully probed to figure out what we liked and did not like, then found a direction and the ideas were flowing. He is creative and excellent at what he does.

From design to execution, I am a very demanding and details person on the workmanship, William and Alvin always will ensure all the details on the items/designs are deliver as good as agreed and even make the whole thing fun and even exhilarating. The support after delivering of the key to us was still excellent as William will still called us to make sure everything OK.

They have completely transformed our home, with amazing design style, spacious and completely professional. I would definitely recommend De Exclusive Interior Group Pte Ltd to my friends and others.