De Exclusive Interior Group



Step into a world of serenity and elegance with our clean, modern white interior featuring soothing blue and grey hues. Inspired by the iconic Santorini island, our renovation transports you to a place of calm and tranquillity as soon as you enter the space.

As you walk through the entrance, you’ll notice the inviting pebbled flooring reminiscent of the beaches in Santorini. The feature wall is adorned with a beautiful Santorini-inspired painting, capturing the essence of the island’s charm and inviting you to immerse yourself in its vibes.

Upon entering the living room, prepare to be captivated by the subtle touches that bring the sea waves to life. Curved recessed lights delicately placed on the walls and ceiling create a mesmerizing representation of the ocean, adding charm and brightness to the room. Combining these unique lighting fixtures and the serene colour palette creates an ambience that instantly relaxes and uplifts.

The modern finishing throughout the house maintains a cohesive white modern theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic and elegance. The clean lines, sleek furniture, and carefully selected decor contribute to the sophisticated atmosphere, providing a seamless flow from room to room.

As you venture into the bedroom, you’ll discover a tranquil oasis that exudes hotel vibes. The room’s spaciousness is accentuated by large mirrors thoughtfully placed on the sides of the bed, creating an illusion of even more space. Sink into the plush bedding and let the soothing colours envelop you in complete relaxation.

Whether you’re seeking a rejuvenating space to unwind or a serene environment to entertain, our Santorini-inspired renovation offers the perfect blend of modernity and tranquillity. Experience the allure of Santorini in the comfort of your own home and indulge in the serene beauty of this captivating design.